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Southwestern Law School

Southwestern Law School students—whether incoming, current or graduating—can work with a Tutors University tutor or teacher for LSAPP law school bootcamp, law school exam prep, MBE review and California Bar Exam review. Tutors University works with students to hone their existing law, logic, legal writing, and reading comprehension skills and knowledge.

Tutors University can also serve as a point of first entry or a supplement to traditional classes in test preparation for law school multiple choice and essay exams, the MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination), and the California bar exam, including the MBE (Multistate Bar Examination) section, the essays, and the performance tests.

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Southwestern, situated in Los Angeles, can be a good meeting place. Students who prefer working at home or at SW Law’s art deco landmark campus can always choose to connect with a Tutors University tutor online by way of our virtual classroom tutoring system.

Southwestern has a longstanding commitment to innovation in legal education that Tutors University also shares. As the first law school to in the U.S. to offer an accelerated two-year J.D. Program and the first U.S. law school to offer an LL.M. in entertainment law, Southwestern has long been at the forefront of change. Tutors University seeks to emulate SW Law’s example in bringing innovative study approaches, techniques, and technology to the field of bar exam preparation and academic test performance, helping the next generation of attorneys to maximize their educational and professional potential.

Whether supplementing their current class schedule or facing a given subject for the first time, law students find Tutors University to be a valuable ally in law school preparation, law school essay and multiple choice exam preparation, MPRE prep, and California bar review.

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