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LSAT Prep Private Tutoring

Tutors University LSAT prep provides industry-leading guidance for students seeking to maximize their LSAT scores. Designed by current academic director, our LSAT preparation curriculum develops LSAT skills in a way that others don’t.

The Tutors University academic director must meet the highest qualification standards in the LSAT prep industry, including all of the following requirements:

  • Maximum LSAT score on first attempt
  • Top Ten undergraduate school
  • Top Ten law school
  • Made Law Review at the above law school
  • Passed MPRE on first attempt
  • Passed California Bar Exam on first attempt

Setting the new standard for LSAT instruction, Tutors University LSAT prep not only addresses the basic logic and diagramming skills that are commonly taught by other test prep providers but also covers underlying linguistic functions that are almost entirely absent from our competitors’ courses. Tutors University breaks down these complex issues into easily grasped building blocks and teaches students in step-by-step fashion. This approach enables students to realize their full potential by giving them the skills necessary to conquer even the most difficult LSAT questions.

LSAT Private Tutoring (Individualized, One-to-One LSAT Prep)

In addition to classroom instruction, one-to-one LSAT tutoring is also available. Personal tutoring is an excellent way for students to get the most out of their LSAT preparation time. All Tutors University tutors have passed a state bar exam and have excellent LSAT scores; they are highly qualified not only in the science of the underlying subject matter but in the art of working one-to-one with LSAT students.

Private tutoring sessions may be scheduled to fully accommodate the student’s individual scheduling needs. Each LSAT tutoring session is tailored to the particular areas of study that will serve to maximize the student’s performance on test day.

The Tutors University Advantage

Unfortunately, the LSAT preparation industry is overrun with courses designed by non-lawyers who never graduated from—or even attended—law school. Tutors University stands in stark contrast to such a landscape. The Tutors University curriculum is the work of highly qualified lawyer-teachers. Moreover, Tutors University does not merely disappear from view the moment a student’s LSAT work is done. Rather, Tutors University offers end-to-end career partnership with students as they progress through their legal careers, providing not only LSAT instruction but also preparation for later tests, such as the MPRE, law school exams, and the bar exam.

Get started today with a Tutors University LSAT tutor.