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Tutors University provides the San Francisco Bay Area a complete line of online LSAT prep, law school preparation, and bar review for the California bar exam.

The Bay Area, including San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Palo Alto, and San Jose, is home to several leading universities, colleges, and law schools. This educationally wealthy region is home to both public and private educational institutions, such as UC Berkeley and the Boalt Hall School of Law, UC Hastings College of Law, UC San Francisco, University of San Francisco, San Francisco Law School, San Francisco State, San Jose State, Santa Clara University, and Stanford University.

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LSAT preparation is a key step toward attending one of the law schools above, and Tutors University offers a wide range of personal, one-to-one, online LSAT prep tutoring options to help students in the Bay Area take this step successfully. Tutors University online law school admissions consulting is also available for those who wish to discuss the application process, including law school application components such as the personal statement, letters of recommendation, and resume.

The LSAPP law school bootcamp is another vital step in preparation for law school, introducing students to the classic first-year topics (e.g., torts, contracts, real property, criminal law, constitutional law, civil procedure) as well as the law school experience (e.g., law school, academic journals, moot court, bar review, socratic method) and the required skills (e.g., legal writing, research, outlining, case briefing).

For students in their second and third years of law school, Tutors University MPRE, MBE, and BarRev California bar exam review tutoring for the essay and performance test sections can make the difference in clearing these final hurdles before entering the legal profession in CA or elsewhere.

The schools of the San Francisco region also have deep ties to other California colleges, universities, and law schools (e.g., UCLA, USC, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, and USD). The Bay Area also serves as home to many students who attend national prominent schools in the Ivy League (e.g., Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell) and in other regions of the country (e.g., Georgetown, Chicago, Vanderbilt, Duke, Northwestern, Emory, UVA, University of Pennsylvania, George Washington).

For students attending one of these institutions, Tutors University online tutoring for the LSAT, law school exams, MPRE, MBE, and the California bar exam is a very convenient and cost-effective way to access some of the most highly qualified law tutors in the standardized test preparation field even when far away from San Francisco.

One primary reason for the wealth of academic opportunities in the Bay Area is the influence of the Silicon Valley business community, bringing with it the attention and resources of large financial institutions and venture capital firms. Not surprisingly, many of the nation’s top law firms are also headquartered in the area (e.g., Morrison & Foerster; Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe; and Heller Ehrman). Web innovators (e.g., eBay, Yahoo!, and Google), Fortune 500 companies (e.g., McKesson, Wells Fargo, Gap, PG&E Corp, Visa, Charles Schwab) as well as leaders in other industries also hail from the region.

Tutors University is proud to serve a community with such academic, cultural, and economic diversity and influence. Just as the San Francisco Bay Area itself has been the birthplace of many world-changing technologies and industries, Tutors University aspires to always remain a leading innovator in the field of preparing students for LSAT, law school, MPRE, California bar exam, and the legal profession.