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Online Tutoring: LEX Live Internet Prep for LSAT, Law School Exams, MPRE, and Bar Exam Review

LEX offers a complete line of real-time, online tutoring services via our internet prep technology. Just like live tutoring, LEX online sessions are personal, private, one-to-one. LEX tutors work individually with each student so as to create individualized law preparation approaches that are tailored to the specific needs of each student.

LEX online services are available for LSAT prep, law school admissions consulting, law school exam preparation, MPRE prep, and bar exam review throughout the world. All you need is a decent internet connection and a web browser!

Tutoring via internet has several advantages over traditional in-person tutoring. Convenience is the advantage most often cited by students: working from home, college classroom, law school campus, or the local Starbuck’s eliminates commuting, which saves more time for actual substantive study. Other popular advantages of internet tutoring include cost-especially in areas where gas prices are highest-and environmental-friendliness. In short, many students feel that online tutoring is “greener,” cheaper, and more convenient than in-person tutoring.

LEX has found that common concerns regarding tutoring via the internet tend to be overestimated. For instance, the most common allegation is that students cannot learn without being in the physical presence of the tutor. The theory goes that an in-person conversation with a tutor-even when that conversation includes both live, real-time exchange of both video and audio between student and the tutor-just is not enough for effective learning. The teachers at LEX originally shared that concern. But our finding has been that human beings adapt almost effortlessly to online learning and that there is no apparent sacrifice in terms of the quality of the learning that takes place.

Another advantage to online tutoring-one that is unique to LEX, to the best of our knowledge-is that when one works with a LEX LSAT tutor, one can retain that same tutor throughout the rest of his or her legal studies worldwide, thereby tapping the benefits of a developed, individualized, working relationship regardless of where one attends law school. Your LEX tutor can stay by your side not only for the LSAT but also for law school exams, the MPRE, and the bar exam-even if you attend law school 2000 miles away from your undergraduate institution.

This benefit, meanwhile, results from one of the primary distinctions between LEX and other standardized test prep providers: our LSAT teachers are actual lawyers-licensed attorneys-, not just college graduates who took the LSAT.

That why, through online tutoring, LEX can truly serve as “Your Law Partner for Life.”