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Why Tutors University for LSAT, Law School, and Bar Review Tutors & Classes?

The Problem: Standardless Companies Prepping Students for Standardized Tests

The standardized test preparation field is, unfortunately, not subject to any standards itself. For instance, unlike the public school system—which at least requires that teachers obtain a teaching credential—literally anyone can start a “test prep” company and begin “teaching” people how to take the LSAT or the bar exam.

Because of this standardlessness, the industry is now flooded with companies founded and operated by people who never graduated from—or even attended—law school. Many (if not most) of the teachers and tutors working for these companies have little or no prior teaching experience and less-than-stellar standardized test scores.

The Solution: Tutors University Law Prep | Your Law Partner for Life

Tutors University™ stands in stark contrast to such a landscape. The Tutors University Integrated Law Program™ is the work of teacher-tutors who have attended top law schools and passed the bar exam. Be sure to check out the Tutors University  Testimonials page to see what former students are saying.