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The bar exam experience—the preparation process as well as the exam itself—is an intense and memorable time in one’s life. Academically, the test presents special challenges, including subjects not taken in law school, time pressure, and new forms of testing. But aside from the academic issues, the bar exam also presents deeper personal challenges. Many examinees have never taken an exam that lasted more than one day or that served as a gateway to an entire profession. There’s a lot of pressure—external as well as self-imposed—to succeed, and this very pressure can negatively impact performance.

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BarRev™ Bar Review Focuses on Skills

Preparation, not just information, is the key to the test. Those who prepare themselves mentally, physically, and logistically for the test—and even for the preparation process itself—have a much greater likelihood of performing at their best when the pressure is on. Students must be ready not only to recall legal rules but to communicate articulately, even in the face of the inevitable uncertainty that arises when facing a new fact pattern on exam day.

That’s why the BarRev™ approach helps students prepare on many different levels, developing not only the academic knowledge—memorization of the law may be the easier part—but also numerous skills that are integral to success, namely:

  • Writing—Simply knowing the law isn’t enough; one must communicate that knowledge in writing
  • Reading comprehension—One must learn to glean the key facts from each stimulus
  • Test-taking—Effective time investment often separates those who pass from those who don’t
  • Reasoning—Logic skills are crucial to good written arguments and effective MBE performance

BarRev Skills Course

The BarRev Skills Course is a three-day course that provides intensive preparation for effective bar exam writing and test-taking. Students learn mastery of proper ILFAC™ writing structure for bar exam essays so that they can dependably deliver authoritative bar exam essays within the appropriate time constraints. Students will also learn the keys to properly analyzing MBE stimuli, question stems, and answer choices.

BarRev Personal Tutoring

In addition to bar prep classes, Tutors University also provides BarRev individualized tutoring. Private, one-to-one tutoring is an excellent way for students to get the most out of their bar exam preparation time. Tutors University tutors are highly qualified not only in the underlying subject matter but also in the art of working one-to-one with students. Our tutors collaborate with each student in creating a personal game plan to capitalize on that individual’s strengths and to shore up weaknesses.