Law School Academic Preparation Program

Location:  Los Angeles, CA
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A law student’s performance during first year—and first semester, in particular—can have a significant impact on the remainder of his or her legal career.

While one can do a lot during school itself to maximize performance (keep up with class assignments, minimize distractions, stay fit), the fact remains that, to a degree, everyone is in the same boat once classes begin:  so many concepts, so little time.  Most students will not be able to make massive adjustments to their own skills and knowledge base during this all-consuming experience.

Given such a landscape, one way to increase your odds for a good first year is to be as prepared as possible before it arrives.  That’s where the Law School Academic Preparation Program comes in.

The LSAPP is designed for people who are already admitted to law school and will be entering classes the coming fall semester.  This “law school bootcamp” is a four-day, eight-hours-per-day (plus one hour for lunch) workshop that takes place over two consecutive weekends in the summer.  Additionally, a separate homework assignment must be completed each of the five days between the two weekends.  Individual feedback is provided to each student on writing assignments so that legal writing tends to improve rapidly and dramatically through the course.

In addition to its primary focus on legal writing, the LSAPP law school bootcamp introduces students to four classic first-year topics, namely:

  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Procedure
  • Torts

We’ll cover key concepts in each of these areas so that when you enter law school, you can hit the ground running. Additionally, we’ll touch upon some of the basics of the law school experience (such as law review and other journals) to give students a broader sense of context for what’s ahead.

Believe it or not, it’s really fun!